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Recent updates in data tables and maps

14 June 2017

June updates
The Claimant Count for May 2017, including claimants of Universal Credit is available at Local Authority and Ward level.
Housing market data for April 2017 added.
Housing supply (dwellings started and completed) data for FY 16-17 added.
May updates
National Insurance Number Registrations (NINO) data for FY 16-17 added.
Gross disposable household income (GDHI) data for 2015 added.
Out-of-work benefit claimants data for Nov 2016 added.
Out-of-work benefit components data for Nov 2016 added.
House price to earning ratio data for 2016 added.
Disability living allowance data for Nov 2016 added for local authority and ward areas.
Hip fractures data for 2015/16 added.
Sustainable development management plan data for 2015/16 added.
Injuries due to falls in older people data for 2015/16 added.
Admission episodes data for 2015/16 added.
Recorded diabetes data for 2014/15 added.
LAC cause for concern data for 2015/16 added.
Under 18 conceptions data for 2015/16 added.
Low birth weight data for 2015 added.
Employment rate gap data for 2015/16 added.
Secondary mental health services data for 2015/16 added.
Adults with a learning disability data for 2015/16 added.
Slope Index of Inequality for Life Expectancy data for 2013-15 added.
2015 transport updates for access to services, transport connectivity and travel time.
April updates
Vacant dwellings data for 2016 added.
Dwelling stock by tenure data for 2016 added.
Economic inactivity data for December 2016 added.
Job related training data for December 2016 added.
Unemployment Model Based Estimates data for December 2016 added.
Public and private sector employment data for December 2016 added.
Employment by industry (ONS) data for December 2016 added.
Economic activity data for December 2016 added.
Tourism day visits data for 2011 to 2015 added.