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Recent updates in data tables and maps

12 April 2018

April updates
Job related training data for the 12 months to Sept 2017 added.
Unemployment Model Based Estimates data for the 12 months to Sept 2017 added.

February updates
Out of work benefit claimants for August 2017, including Job Seekers Allowance is available at Local Authority and Ward levels.
The Claimant Count for January 2018, including claimants of Universal Credit is available at Local Authority and Ward levels.
Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Stat-Xplore data for August 2017 added.

January updates
Businesses by industry data for 2017 added.
Revised A level and level 3 results (new measures) data for 2016/17 added.
GCSE and equivalent results (Key Stage 4 attainment) revised data for 2016/17 added.
Children in out-of-work benefit households data for 2016 added.
National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) data for 2016/17 added.

December 2017 updates
Key stage 2 assessments by disadvantaged pupils and free school meal eligibility data for 2017 added.
Private monthly rent data for the 12 months to September 2017 added.

National curriculum assessments at key stage 2 revised information:
Floor standard data for 2017 added.
Progress scores data for 2017 added.
Reading, writing and mathematics standards data for 2017 revised.
Teacher assessments data for 2017 revised.
Test data for 2017 revised.

Housing market data for October 2017 added.
Projected life expectancy data for 2014-16 added.
Children looked-after (children's social care indicators) data for 2017 added.
Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) results by FSM data for 2017 added.
Excess weight in adults data for 2015/16 added.
Local authority collected waste data for 2017 added.

November 2017 updates
Personal tax credits available at local authority and LSOA data for 2015 added.
Death registrations data for 2016 added.
Housing supply data for FY 2016-17 added.
Enterprise survival rates data for 2016 added.
Enterprise births and deaths data for 2015 revised and 2016 added.
Excess winter mortality (EWM) final data for 2015-16 added.
ASHE resident analysis of earnings and hours worked for 2017 added.
Disabilty living allowance (DLA) May 2017 added.

Public Health Outcomes Framework November update to the following indicators:
Employment rate gap
Social isolation in adult carers
Conception, birth and maternity
Physically active and inactive adults