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Recent updates in data tables and maps

03 September 2020

September 2020 updates
Internal migration by age 12 months to June 2019

August 2020 updates
Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Stat-Xplore February 2020
Special educational needs (SEN) statements 2019
Fuel Poverty 2018
First feed (breastmilk) Feb 2018/19
Out-of-Work Benefit Claimants Feb 2020
The Claimant Count July 2020
Private housing rents 12 months to March 2020

July 2020 updates
Small area mean house prices to Dec 2019
Working age people with disabilities to March 2020
Employment by role to March 2020
Employment by Industry to March 2020
Alternative Unemployment Claimant Count to May 2020
Public and Private Sector Employment to Mar 2020
Working and workless households 2019
Exclusions 2018/19
16 and 17 year old NEET and participation to end of 2020
Economic activity to March 2020
Economic inactivity to March 2020
job related training to March 2020
model based estimates of unemployment to March 2020

May 2020 updates
NINo registrations to adult overseas nationals entering the UK FY 19-20
model based estimates of unemployment to March 2020
Resident Population - country of birth for 2019
Resident Population - national identity for 2019

April 2020 updates
Qualifications of Working Age People for 2019
Low birth weight for 2018

March 2020 updates
Ratio of house prices to earnings for 2019
Recorded crime (numbers) for February 2020
Recorded crime (rates) for February 2020
Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) for February 2020
Rough Sleeper counts for 2019
Sexual Identity for 2018
Hip fractures for 2018/19
Particulate air pollution for 2018
Injuries due to falls in older people for 2018/19
Self-reported well-being for 2018/19
Cancer screening coverage for 2019
Admission episodes for alcohol-related conditions for 2018/19
Successful completion of drug treatment for 2018
Unintentional and deliberate injuries in children and young people for 2018/19