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Health and Wellbeing

This high level outcome is that “all people in North East Lincolnshire enjoy good health and wellbeing”.  Key focus areas will be the enabling of people to be informed, self-supporting, and resilient in maintaining/improving their own health, whilst living in an environment that promotes health and protects people from avoidable harm.

Health and Wellbeing summary

PHOF 0.1 Life expectancy

PHOF 0.2 Differences in life expectancy between communities 

PHOF 2.1 Low birth weight

PHOF 2.2 Breastfeeding

PHOF 2.3 Smoking status at the time of delivery

PHOF 2.6 Excess weight in children

PHOF 2.8 Emotional wellbeing of looked after children (LAC)

PHOF 2.9 Prevalence of smoking among 15 year olds

PHOF 2.10 Hospital admissions as a result of self-harm

PHOF 2.11 Diet

PHOF 2.12 Excess weight in adults

PHOF 2.13 Proportion of physically active and inactive adults

PHOF 2.14 Smoking prevalence

PHOF 2.16 People entering prison with substance dependence

PHOF 2.18 Alcohol related admissions

PHOF 2.19 Cancer diagnosed at stage 1 and 2

PHOF 2.20 Cancer screening coverage

PHOF 2.21 Access to non-cancer screening programmes

PHOF 2.22 Take up of NHS health checks

PHOF 2.23 Self-reported wellbeing

PHOF 3.2 Chlamydia diagnoses (15 to 24 years old)

PHOF 3.3iii - 3.3x (5 in 1) Vaccination coverage

PHOF 3.3xiii PPV (pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine) uptake

PHOF 3.3xiv Flu vaccine 65+

PHOF 3.3xv Flu vaccine at risk

PHOF 3.5 Treatment completion for TB

PHOF 4.1 Infant mortality

PHOF 4.2 Tooth decay in children

PHOF 4.3 Mortality from causes considered preventable

PHOF 4.4 Mortality from all cardiovascular disease

PHOF 4.5 Mortality from cancer

PHOF 4.6 Mortality from liver disease

PHOF 4.7 Mortality from respiratory diseases

PHOF 4.8 Mortality from communicable disease

PHOF 4.9 Excess mortality in adults under 75 years with mental illness

PHOF 4.11 Emergency readmissions within 30 days of discharge from hospital

PHOF 4.12 Preventable sight loss and RNIB NEL sight loss profile

PHOF 4.13 Health related quality of life for older people

PHOF 4.14 Hip fractures in over 65’s

PHOF 4.15 Excess winter deaths

PHOF 4.16 Dementia

Dementia prevalence data

Autistic spectrum disorder

Tobacco commissioning support pack 2019-20


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